The Sooners were well-represented at the 47th Annual Association for Jewish Studies Conference in Boston. Both Alan Levenson and Ronnie Grinberg presented on the "American Jews in the Long 1960s" panel, with Dr. Levenson delivering, "Son of Madmen: Biographical/Autobiographical Reflections on Jews in Advertising," and Dr. Grinberg giving, "World of Our Fathers and World of Our Sons: New York Intellectuals and Student Radicalism." Dr. Levenson also presented "Sage, Courtier, or Despot? Joseph from Character to Biography" on the "Writing Biblical Biography" panel.

It was also clear at the conference that retirement has not slowed the Stillmans down. Dinah contributed to a timely discussion of "Teaching Approaches: Jews and Muslims in France, 1962-Present." Noam served as chair and respondent for the "Analytical Approaches to Jewish Languages" panel and moderated the "Jewish Muslims in Muhammad's Community" discussion, all while serving as AJS's Division Chair for Jewish Language and Linguistics.

Next year, we'll see everyone in San Diego!