Ma Hadash (What's New)?

  • Final JuSt Lunch of the Year with Dr. Porwancher.

    We invite everyone to join us for our final JuSt Lunch of 2015-2016.



  • Holocaust Remembrance Week 4/27-5/4

    There will be 15 events this year during Holocaust Remembrance Week. Please see our events page for details on each day, including maps to events.


  • The Schusterman Center's Guest Lecturer Dr. Mario Bührmann featured in OU Daily

    We invite you to enjoy the OU Daily's coverage of Dr. Mario Bührmann's recent visit.



  • Dr. Robins' JuSt Lunch Lecture on YouTube

    For those who missed it, Dr. Walker Robins' lecture is up on YouTube.

  • Join Us Wednesday, April 6th for Dr. Robins' JuSt Lunch


  • The Schusterman Center welcomes new Hebrew Instructor

    The Schusterman Center welcomes new Hebrew instructor Dr. Yael Lavender-Smith to the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Lavender-Smith received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Comparative Literature and Early Modern Studies from The Graduate Center, CUNY and her M.A. and B.A. in Hebrew and Comparative Literature form the University of Haifa, Israel. She has taught Hebrew language and literature at Brooklyn College and Hunter College in New York. She is currently working on a short-form monograph about Uriel da Costa, a Jewish converso who lived in Amsterdam in the 17th century, examining his dual commitments to Jewish and Christian societies.


  • Mark Wagner's Lecture on YouTube!

    For those unable to attend the 16th annual Yedida K. Stillman Memorial Lecture last week, it's up on our YouTube channel!


  • Fall 2016 Course Listings!

    We have a dazzling array of course options for the Fall 2016 Semester, have a look!


  • Dr. Schapkow's New Monograph

    The Schusterman Center is proud to announce the publication of Dr. Carsten Schapkow's monograph Role Model and Countermodel: The Golden Age of Iberian Jewry and German Jewish Culture during the Era of Emancipation, available from Rowman & Littlefield.  Congratulations Dr. Schapkow!


  • Director Levenson and Susan Katz Miller at the Jewish Museum in New York

    The Schusterman Center is proud to announce that Director Alan Levenson will hold a conversation with journalist and author Susan Katz Miller at the Jewish Museum, in New York, on February 18th. For more information click here, or check out the event on Facebook.


  • The Schusterman Center's YouTube is Live!

    We are proud to announce that the Schusterman Center's YouTube Channel is up and running, featuring the first JuSt Lunch of 2015-2016: Director Alan Levenson's lecture  on "Jewish Mad Men."


  • Director Levenson's Article for - "Why the Brothers Hate Joseph"

    We invite you to enjoy the Schusterman Center Director Dr. Alan T. Levenson's article for - "Why the Brothers Hate Joseph."


  • Megiddo 2016!

    We are excited to have a guest post today from Dr. Rangar Cline, who has already led several groups of OU students on archaeological digs in Israel and will be leading another group at Megiddo this summer:

    I will be leading OU students to Israel again in 2016. This past summer (2015), we had great success working with the Jezreel Valley Regional Project (JVRP) at Legio, the camp of the Roman 6th Legion, located next to biblical Megiddo. Eight OU students participated in the program and all performed well on the excavation and study tour.


    During the study tour, students and I visited archaeological sites such as Sepphoris, Beit She’an, and Nimrud’s Fortress. We also visited modern Nazareth, where students visited a recreated biblical-style village where locals demonstrated traditional agricultural techniques and crafts, such as spinning wool and weaving. After the excavation began, students organized their own weekend trips to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where another staff member and I were able to catch up with them for a couple of photos:


    During the program, the students and I stayed at Kibbutz Mizra, where students were able to see some of the beautiful gardens maintained by the residents and where many students attended a tour of the kibbutz museum where a guide discussed the settlement of Kibbutz Mizra in the 1920s.

    At the excavations, OU students help to discover the remains of the camp of the Sixth Roman Legion (Legio VI Ferrata). One of the highlights of their discoveries were the multiple phases of plumbing at the camp along with other public and private quarters used by the legion. Students learned to use excavation survey and global positioning equipment  and to dig with traditional tools. While I did do some hard physical work, I spent a good deal of my time recording the results of the excavation on my iPad – using digital text, photos, and video to document the project for the Jezreel Valley Regional Project’s database.

    The excavation received some media attention and descriptions of the excavations can also be found at Haaretz  and Sci-News.


    We plan to work with the JVRP again in 2016, this time at Megiddo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with evidence for human occupation from the Bronze Age to the Persian Period. Megiddo is perhaps most famous because of its associations with King Solomon’s building programs and as the site of Revelation’s Armageddon (= Hill of Megiddo). The program features a three-week archaeological field school, evening lectures on historical and archaeological topics, and a one-week study tour of archaeological sites in northern Israel. Students earn four upper-division field study credits in RELS. Scholarships for students will again be available through Judaic Studies (see link below).

    More details, and the enrollment portal, can be found here.

    Scholarships are available to qualifying students through Judaic Studies here.

    More information about the Megiddo Expedition and 2016 excavations can be found here. (note that OU will participate in the first excavation session.)

    More information about the 2016 Study Tour can be found here.


  • Study in Israel Scholarship Deadline February 5th


    Time is short to apply for one of the Schusterman Center's wonderful Study in Israel Scholarships. Students, do not pass up this spectacular opportunity! Apply now! Study in Israel


  • Join the Dig at Megiddo!


  • Alan Levenson on KGOU's World Views

    Last week, Schusterman Center Director Alan Levenson joined Suzette Grillot on KGOU's World Views radio program to discuss Jewish history and his new work on the Joseph story. If you were unable to catch it live, head over to the World Views page, where you can read a transcript or listen to a stream!


    Listen here!
  • OU @ AJS


    The Sooners were well-represented at the 47th Annual Association for Jewish Studies Conference in Boston. Both Alan Levenson and Ronnie Grinberg presented on the "American Jews in the Long 1960s" panel, with Dr. Levenson delivering, "Son of Madmen: Biographical/Autobiographical Reflections on Jews in Advertising," and Dr. Grinberg giving, "World of Our Fathers and World of Our Sons: New York Intellectuals and Student Radicalism." Dr. Levenson also presented "Sage, Courtier, or Despot? Joseph from Character to Biography" on the "Writing Biblical Biography" panel.

    It was also clear at the conference that retirement has not slowed the Stillmans down. Dinah contributed to a timely discussion of "Teaching Approaches: Jews and Muslims in France, 1962-Present." Noam served as chair and respondent for the "Analytical Approaches to Jewish Languages" panel and moderated the "Jewish Muslims in Muhammad's Community" discussion, all while serving as AJS's Division Chair for Jewish Language and Linguistics.

    Next year, we'll see everyone in San Diego!

  • Another Upcoming December Event!


    Join us on December 1! For a map, click here.


  • JuSt Lunch - December


    We're less than two weeks away from our next JuSt Lunch! Get details here.

  • Two Big Events Next Week!

    Don't miss our two big events next week! Next Tuesday evening (11/3) is our concert and roundtable with the OU School of Music, "Once There Was a Yiddishland." The following day is our November JuSt Lunch with Dr. Karin Schutjer. We hope to see you at both!


  • Upcoming Concert and Roundtable

    We are excited to be working with Lorne Richstone and the OU School of Music in presenting a concert and roundtable discussion, "Once There Was a Yiddishland: Music from a Vanished World," in two weeks (November 3). Don't miss it! For details, click here


  • Our 2015 Newsletter Has Arrived!

     Download a copy of our latest newsletter! If you'd like a hard copy, e-mail Valarie Harshaw.

  • Spring 2016 Classes!

    Advising season is upon us! Check out our spring classes!

  • Upcoming JuSt Lunch!

    Don't miss our next JuSt Lunch, coming on October 7. The speaker is our newest faculty member, Assistant Professor of Israeli History Rhona Seidelman! Come meet her!

    For details, click here.

  • Upcoming Continuing Education Classes

    Each semester, Schusterman Center faculty and graduate students offer a number of "Senior Seminars" through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at OU. These are short courses organized around a variety of different topics. Four classes related to Judaic and Israel Studies will begin in October. Check them out!

    Click on each banner for more info or to register:



  • Goya's Letter

    Check out this inspiring video about the first member of OU's Class of 2020...


    Brucha ha-ba'ah l'OU, Goya!

  • Looking Forward...

    Many thanks to everyone who packed into Gould for Dr. Levenson's lecture on "Jewish Mad Men" last Wednesday! If you were unable to make it, don't fret. The talk was filmed and will be available to stream online shortly!

    Until we get that posted, check out what's coming up in the JuSt Lunch series:

  • New Semester...New JuSt Lunch Series!

    First up this fall will be our new Program Director, Dr. Alan Levenson! Come see him at our NEW location, Gould Hall 330.

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